ABWU president predicts that upcoming conference will be a defining moment for the labour movement

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union (ABWU) Kem
Riley believes that the 2023 Annual Delegates Conference – its 56 th –
will be a defining moment for the labour movement in Antigua and
The Union is getting set to welcome more than 100 delegates to the
two-day event, set for this month, September.
This year’s conference will be held under the theme “The Struggle
Continues. Our Commitment and Dedication -The Watchwords.”  
Riley points to the many struggles that continue in today’s
workforce, highlighting the recent attacks on the local trade union
movement from persons holding political office.

If unchecked, he says, these attacks will have damning implications
for the economic survival of local unions and the well-being of
Meanwhile, the ABWU president is encouraging workers to embrace
a spirit of resilience and resolve as the Union redoubles its efforts to
advance their cause.
This year’s conference will be held on Sunday 17 and Monday 18
September, and commences with an opening ceremony that will
feature guest speaker David Abdulah, a respected economist and
social-justice activist.
Abdulah has served as a leading figure in the trade union movement
in Trinidad & Tobago for almost 40 years.  
The conference will also hear reports from the various workplaces
the Union represents and review several matters of business.
Another important highlight of the event, according to the Union,
will be a series of presentations and discussions towards
formulating a Severance Protection Bill for parliamentary