Solid Waste Authority denies story about dead fetus at landfill and chides media entity over fake news

Members of the public are expressing shock, disgust, and awe that a news
story published by an online media entity has been proven false by the
National Solid Waste Management Authority.
Last Thursday, April 25, the media house reported that the Police were
investigating the discovery of a dead fetus at the Cooks Sanitary Landfill, last
Sunday, April 21.
However, while the report stirred various responses from the public, the
media house subsequently admitted that it had been fabricated.
The Authority says it can categorically confirm that no such report about a
fetus being found at the Landfill was ever made to the Grays Farm Police
Station or the Serious Crimes Unit.
Referring to the situation as unfortunate and poor journalistic practice, the
Authority adds that no independent verification was sought from its office
regarding any alleged reports it may have received of such an incident.
As a result, unsubstantiated and “false information was shared with the
public, creating unnecessary fear and understandable public concern”, the
Authority says.
Given the speed at which negative information spreads, the Authority says,
the fake story has the potential to tarnish the image and reputation of the
people of Antigua and Barbuda.

Meanwhile, some residents say this type of journalism is unscrupulous and
such a story need not have been created.

They note that Antigua is a treasure trove of news on a daily basis; therefore,
they cannot understand why the media entity went to such extremes to
publish false information.

One woman says this action brings the entire media fraternity into disrepute,
and she believes charges should be brought against the media house for public
In the meantime, the Authority is encouraging media entities to thoroughly
fact-check “the relevance and credibility of their sources before disseminating
any information to the public.”