Questions raised about Stapleton Law Firm amidst claims that clients include both Antigua Airways and Alfa Nero crew

UPP Mobilisation Officer George Wehner says he is keeping a watchful eye on a local law firm – which is headed by a Government senator – that is linked to both Antigua Airways and the Alpha Nero super yacht.

According to Wehner, Stapleton Law Firm, located on Stapleton Lane, is reportedly headed by attorney Samantha Marshall, leader of government business in the Senate, and the firm allegedly represents both the now-defunct airline and the crew of the yacht.

Wehner says he cannot help but question the senator’s recent behaviour in Parliament, where she remained mum on the Antigua Airways fiasco and the subsequent death of the West Africans.  

However, he says, she was an animated supporter of the amendments to the Port Authority Act, which gave the Browne Administration the right to seize and auction the very yacht whose crew the law firm is representing.  

The UPP mobilization officer says Marshall’s actions appear to be another example in which members of the Browne Administration practice the policy of creative enrichment.