Director of Education Clare Browne says an incident between two classmates at the Golden Grove Primary School has been settled.

Contrary to what was reported earlier today, Browne says the incident was not a matter of bullying; rather, it was an alleged fight over a pen. 

He says the matter was dealt with on Tuesday morning, April 20, with the assistance of Rolston Nickeo, Education Officer for Zone 1; the students’ parents, reportedly, were part of the proceedings.

Browne did not disclose what disciplinary action has been taken.  He says, however, that a report on the incident will be compiled and forwarded to him.

A video has been in circulation showing the incident, which some describe as bullying.  Footage shows a male and female student in a dispute, with the young man throwing several punches at his classmate while the girl defends herself.  

During the incident, which occurred on Monday, April 19, other classmates are seen laughing in excitement and running about the classroom.

Meanwhile, REAL News understands that there were at least two other incidents involving students at the same school.

In one instance, two girls had an altercation which was also recorded and is apparently in circulation.  

The Education Director says the incident occurred during the lunch hour, and the school is aware of the incident.  Nickeo was expected to be in touch with the school’s principal todat to further address the situation.

Browne says he learned that the feud between the girls has been going on for some time now and is supported by their parents.  Reportedly, the fights were practically a weekly occurrence between them before the school proceeded to remote learning.

Browne says he is also expecting a report on that incident, at which time it will be decided if any action will be taken.  However, any decision will be in keeping with the Education Act of 2008.

“I assure you that the Ministry of Education and school will address it fully,” the Director says.

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