A Villa man is reporting that the son of a prominent politician assaulted him, while accusing him of having committed a recent burglary.

The alleged victim tells REAL News he was on the way to a neighborhood shop on Monday afternoon, April 19, when the well-known young man saw him, jumped out of a white pick-up truck, and accosted him on the street.

The Villa man alleges that his assailant grabbed him by the throat, threw him against a fence, and manhandled him, while accusing him  of having broken into the house of the assailant’s mother and robbing her at knife-point.

He did not fight back, the man says, since he was not only taken by surprise but saw that the person attacking him was carrying a gun on his body. 

As a result, the victim says, he sustained a number of bruises when he fell against a concrete fence post and then was dragged on the ground.  His leg was also injured, he says, and was swollen at the time he spoke to our News Room.

The matter was reported to the St. John’s Police Station and the victim was given a medical form to present at the hospital. However, he was not attended to at Mount St. John on Monday evening. 

A Police source explains that, because the man was not accompanied by an officer, he would not have been treated as a priority, and therefore faced a wait of several hours at the hospital.     

However, today, Tuesday, the victim visited a private doctor, who saw to the bruises on his limbs, and the medical form was later submitted at the police station.

Another source tells REAL News that the form was handed in at the desk and not to the officer who initially handled the matter.

Therefore, the person fears that – because the politician’s son is powerfully connected – the Police will not pursue the matter, or the victim will be “persuaded” not to pursue a case.

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