Attempted robbery foiled by female restaurant owner, while businesswoman is scammed in US-dollar cash exchange

The Police are investigating an apparent robbery attempt and an alleged fraud.

Reports are that a Parham Town businesswoman, the proprietor of Shay Shay restaurant on upper Church Street, had a close call with a gunman at her place of operation in the early hours of October 11.

Reports say she arrived at her business place at about 4:30 a.m. and observed the alleged assailant sitting on the steps. He was dressed in a grey long-sleeved hooded shirt and a pair of long blue jeans.

She was unable to see his face; so, instead of getting out of her vehicle, she began to honk her horn until he left the area.

Subsequently, while setting up the restaurant she went outside and saw the same man on her compound. He appeared to be carrying a black firearm in his right hand while scaling the gate.

The woman immediately ran into the restaurant, but was followed by the gunman, who began to pound on the door. He later left after she placed a call to the CID.

This incident reportedly occurred at about 5:45 a.m. 

Meanwhile, an All Saints Road business woman was defrauded of thousands of dollars by a Jamaican man.

Reportedly, the unknown male went to her business place on October 14 and changed US$8,300.

In return, she gave him EC$22,245.00, but later discovered that the money consisted of US$150, made up of a US$100 note and 50 US$1.00 notes.

The matter was immediately reported to the Police and officers quickly went into action.

The Jamaican man was traced to Joe Mike’s Hotel, where he later handed over the monies to the victim, who requested no further police action.

However, the man was arrested on suspicion of fraud after giving the Police a statement.