Mussington deeply concerned that PLH project is eroding the foundation of Barbuda and threatening the people’s future

Barbuda activist and marine biologist John Mussington is deeply concerned that work being carried out by the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) group in the Palmetto Point area is eroding the foundation of Barbuda.
Reportedly, the developers are creating a golf course with new lagoons, resulting in excavation work in that area. The sand erosion taking place is said to be alarming – and, if not dealt with, may spell future disaster for the sister-island.
Barbuda is virtually a flat island and lies below sea level; and the islanders are said to be concerned that any natural disaster similar to Hurricane Irma would flatten the island for good.
Photographs of the area are now being circulated; but Mussington says they do not show the true scope of the damage, which is far worse than pictured.
He notes that the sand dunes were important for protecting the area against the ravages of storm waves; however, the activist says, they have all been removed.
In order to get a true picture of the scope of the damage, members of the Barbuda Council would need to visit the area. However, Mussington says, they are forbidden to visit the site or the area to which the sand is being moved.
According to him, law-enforcement officers would threaten to arrest and charge with trespassing if anyone, including villagers, venture onto the location behind Ten Foot Chimney fence.
Meanwhile, the marine biologist says the sand-mining situation on Barbuda “is very awful,” with the literal foundation of the island being taken out.
The activist says the practice has been going on for too long on the sister-island and most Barbudans are against it.
Accordingly, he says he will continue to speak out against the ills impacting the people, especially those that damage the environment, sustainability and livelihood of the people.