Education Minister says return to classroom-teaching full time is a benefit to all, but especially to struggling students

Education Minister Daryl Matthew says the Cabinet’s decision to allow all students to return to full face-to-face learning from Monday, March 14, will be beneficial to everyone, since many students were struggling.

Matthew admits that the COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges and tested the education system.  However, he credits those who took on the task of innovation during this time, saying they have done a great job in spite of Internet-access woes and other hindrances.

With the return to daily classroom instruction, Matthew says he expects that education benefits will be instant.

Face-to-face learning ensures real-time interaction between teachers and students and among students, themselves.  Accordingly, this is a great opportunity for students who learn better through cooperative activities and group work, the Minister says.  

Unlike the virtual classroom, where procrastination can be a common attitude, Matthew says the traditional classroom atmosphere motivates students.