Statistics Division reports that fruits saw the largest price hike in the last year, with jump in meat products in second place

The Statistics Division is reporting that the price of fruits in Antigua and Barbuda rose by 14.2 percent last year.

In its most recent Consumer Price Index report, which is for December 2021, the Division says the index for all items rose by 1.2% for the 12 months just ended.

However, “the index for All Items, Less Food and Energy, marginally increased by 0.4% over the past twelve months,” the Division says in a press statement.

It reports that the food index rose by 5.4% over the past 12 months.  And, except for sugar jams, honey, chocolate, and confectionery, which declined by 2.2%, all other supermarket food groups increased over the period – the largest hike being for fruit. 

The index for meat and meat products rose 10.2% over the year, despite falling in December from 12.4% in November. The index for milk, cheese, and eggs increased by 2.0%, the smallest increase among the groups.

Meanwhile, the indexes for communication; clothing and footwear; restaurants and hotels; health and culture had the same level of increases as in October and November.

But the index for alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and narcotics rose 6.9% over the last year.

In contrast, the index for transport fell 9.7%, and that of furnishings, household equipment, and routine household maintenance also declined by 4.5%.

According to the Division, the Energy Index remained unchanged over the past 12 months for all major components: gasoline at the pump, cooking gas, and the fuel variation rate on electricity.