Police PRO offers explanation about hurried move of Parham officers, saying the reason was financial

Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Frankie Thomas has explained the sudden move of officers attached to the Parham Police Station – for the second time – saying it was for financial reasons.

This past Saturday, 22nd January 22, Thomas appeared on the State media radio program Police Connections.

The PRO said he realizes that certain sections of the public view the move as humorous, but it had to be made because of financial constraints.

The officers were first removed from Parham  because of the filthy and dilapidated conditions of the station’s living quarters.  Now, Inspector Thomas says that other temporary accommodations in the village have been renovated, and the officers could be returning there by today, January 24.

The PRO says the Police were hoping that everything would have been ready since Thursday last week, but that did not happen due to unforeseen circumstances.

In the meantime, Inspector Thomas is asking the public for its continued support.

If persons should go to the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium not realizing that the Parham Police officers have moved to the Coolidge Police Station, he is advising  them to call the regular numbers, which are still in operation.

Inspector Thomas says in the event that persons call the established numbers and do not get through, they should call 911, since the operators should know the numbers of all police stations in Antigua and Barbuda.