Round South roadway still in disrepair, and residents ask what  the hold-up is

Residents of the Round South community are wondering why repairs are at a standstill on the road leading to some of the islands major tourist’s destinations.

Videos circulating last year showed what appeared to be a crack in the asphalt, which had widened considerably by the following day.

The United Progressive Party’s Mobilization Officer, George Wehner, investigated the fissure (pronounced  fish-er) and videotaped what appeared to be serious water erosion beneath the roadway, requiring urgent attention.

However, to date, only temporary traffic lights have been placed at each end of the bridge, and what appears to be gravel or stone has been thrown into the crevices.

Progressive FM’s  William “Zizi” Thomas, who hails from the area, along with a senior citizen residing there, are lamenting the lack of progress and say they fear the situation worsening.

Thomas, the host of The Morning Bush Tea Show, says the spirit appears to have gone out of his Southside people and they are no longer like they were in the days of “The Old Road fight.”

 The caller agreed.

Months ago, after Wehner’s video surfaced on social media, Samantha Marshall, the parliamentary representative of the area, visited the site with technicians from the Ministry of Works. 

She promised constituents, then, that repair work would start in short order.

Reportedly, earth-moving equipment, along with employees of the Works Department were seen moving about for a few days.  But just as suddenly, residents say, the workers and the equipment disappeared from the site with not much having been done to rectify the problem.