Time for the village to step in and raise the child, police inspector tells Nation’s adults, as violence in schools worsens

Violence in schools is becoming more serious and is, therefore, of greater concern to the Police Force, according to Inspector Frankie Thomas.

If it is not stopped, with certain measures put in place, there will be no end to this troubling trend in the near future, Thomas says.  Accordingly, it is important that not only police officers, but the entire nation, address and correct, he adds.

Thomas says the doctrine that it takes a village to raise a child should urgently be brought into play.

If this is not done, the police inspector says, then all adults and the society, in general, will have to answer at the end of the day – and not the young people.

Therefore, it is up to the adults to ensure the youth are led on a secure path, he says.

Thomas says the society is failing the young people and failing itself, as well, and some redirection must take place to change this.

Speaking to the recent incident in which two Ottos Comprehensive students had an altercation and one was stabbed about the body, Thomas says it was unfortunate; however, he notes that it is not the first such incident at that, or any, school.

He also addresses other violent incidents involving the youth.