Friars Hill Road accidents and fatalities prompt AG to promise increased police patrols to catch speeding drivers

In order to tackle speeding on the main thoroughfares, the Police are expected to step up patrols, especially on the Friars Hill Road, which has seen a number of fatal and serious accidents since its reconstruction.
According to this week’s Cabinet Notes, Attorney-General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin reported to the Executive on the most recent accident occurring on that highway in the early hours of Sunday, October 23.
He says that increased patrols to catch speeding drivers are likely to be instituted. Additionally, he says, the Parliament might have to increase the amounts that accident victims can receive from insurance companies.
Two students attending the American University of Antigua (AUA) were seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver, who has since turned himself in to the Police. However, no charges have yet been laid against the 45-year-old man, the husband of a judicial officer.
Meanwhile, the students, aged 21 and 19 years, are reported to be on ventilators and in deep medically induced comas. Reports say they suffered multiple injuries, including broken bones and ribs, and one sustained a broken hip.
The female student, the younger of the two, lost an arm on account of the accident, while the male suffered serious head trauma.

In the meantime, other sources are alleging that the hospital has four ventilators, but only two are in working order – and those are in use by the medical students. “So, let’s hope that nothing serious happens to anybody else, anytime soon,” an insider says.
On a related note, Minister of Health Molwyn Joseph provided an update on national cyclist Andre Simon to the Cabinet on Wednesday, October 26.
Simon and fellow cyclists were run over by a motorist on the Sir George Walter Highway in May. However, he fared the worst.
He was taken by air ambulance to a Texas hospital that specializes in repairing neurological damage to accident victims.
His condition has improved since leaving Antigua, and he has reportedly shown signs of consciousness and opened his eyes, Joseph reported.

However, Simon still has issues with a wound which stems from bed sores he developed while in the Intensive Care Unit of the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.