Prime Minister Gaston Browne is threatening to sue a former constituent who is now living overseas, if he fails to offer him an apology for what Browne considers defamation.

Browne and George King, who is commonly referred to as “Georgieboy,” have been at odds since George’s mother’s funeral.

Reportedly there was a big celebration last year after the woman was buried, with people jamming to an iron ban in the streets.

Browne posted a video of the occasion on his Facebook page, which shows people crowded together, with some not wearing masks at all while others wore them under their chins.

Several times on his affiliated radio station, Browne has blamed that funeral for the death of at least one Point/Villa resident.  The woman reportedly attended the funeral, later contracted the virus, and subsequently died.

On Saturday, March 20, the Prime Minister again made mention of what some people refer to as the infamous funeral.

An apparently angry George, who responded to Browne’s continued accusations in a Facebook post, declared that if it is a war that Browne wants, he will get it. He has also asked the PM to stop calling his name.

George used several expletives in his post and made certain accusations about Browne’s behaviour when he was young.

However, hitting back in similar fashion on social media, Browne told King, “You have just defamed me in the most vile manner.” He also requested that King remove the offensive content and apologize within seven days.   

Failing this, Browne threatened that legal action would be commenced against King for defamation.

“I have given you seven days, so that you could consult with your attorney, who could explain the liability and associated costs of defamation,” Browne’s post says.

Former Calypso Monarch Queen Thalia is reportedly the latest member of the King Family to join the fray on social media.

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