Nineteen-year-old Mark Willock made his first court appearance in All Saints Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday (March 24) after the police arrested and charged him on Monday (March 22) for breaking into the homes of a number of Old Road residents and making off with valuable items.

Willock of Old Road, in addition to facing multiple counts of house breaking and larceny, is also charged with malicious damage.

The offences reportedly occurred between the period March 6 to 19 at three separate houses in Old Road.

During his court appearance he pleaded guilty to stealing a phone costing $300 in addition to $200 cash- the property of Otis Williams.

Willock is also accused of maliciously committing damage to seven vehicles in Old Road during the same period. Reports are that money and other valuable items were removed from these vehicles.

He admitted to one of the offences by pleading guilty to damaging the glass window of a bus also owned by Williams.

His trial is set for June 23 on the other charges for which he did not take responsibility.

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