Businesses report attempts by impostors to scam them out of money and cell-phone ‘top-ups;’ Police puts public on alert

Investigations have been launched into what appears to be a scam being perpetrated on a number of businesses.

REAL News learned that several business owners advised the Police, last week, that they have been getting calls from a particular number with the person asking for money.

It is alleged that the person using the 725 cell number purported to be a person of known prominence; and, in addition to money, they were also attempting to get a telephone top-up from the businesses.

Reportedly these incidents occurred on October 5 and 6.

The police subsequently obtained certain information from all the business places, and, as a result, the CID tactical team undertook a number of searches.  

A Grays Farm man, a Jennings resident, a Martin’s Village man, a Radio Range man, and a Golden Grove villager were all apprehended and  taken into police custody to assist with this investigation.

Search warrants were later obtained by officers and a Pares Village home was searched on October 7 in the presence of one of these men; however, nothing illegal was found.

A warrant was executed at the home of the Martin’s Village man, as well, with nothing illegal being found there, either.

Meanwhile, late last week, the Police issued a warning to residents to be on the alert for online fraudsters.

The Police warn that criminal elements are randomly targeting individuals and businesses through online sources, with the intention of defrauding them of cash and other valuable items.

Funds are also being solicited from certain business places purportedly for medical assistance, a police release adds.

Therefore, the public is advised to undertake proper background checks before volunteering or providing financial assistance to unknown sources.

All suspicious activities should be reported to the Police without delay.