Young woman alleges she was raped by ‘connected’ businessman and says she was offered money for her silence

A woman is making public claims of being raped by a businessman, and allegations of a cover-up because of the man’s ties with persons in high office.

In a letter published online, the woman identified herself as a rape victim, but says she wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

She claims to have been “sexually assaulted by someone who owns a [certain] company” and that she was offered “money to cover up the act” and not to report the matter to the Police.

The self-identified victim describes the local justice system as “one of fault,” adding that “because he knows a lot of people in high places, they are trying to cover it up.”

She ends her letter by saying that, “as a young woman, I just want justice and for other females to know it is easy to come forward and stop this [predator].”

Many residents, including males, are speaking up in support of the woman and decrying the alleged incident.

Some complain that, too often, incidents of this nature occur, but the victims are afraid to come forward for the same reasons stated by the letter-writing woman.

If persons do, in fact, get charged, the cases often do not make it before a jury, they say.