A special sitting will be held in the High Court, this week, to commemorate the memory of senior criminal attorney Ralph Francis.

It is expected that the judges and magistrates before whom Francis appeared will speak to their interactions with him. Other members of the legal fraternity are also expected to make their contributions.

Francis has been described as a lawyer for the poor, representing many people over his years of practice free of cost.  He was remembered as being fair, but headstrong, sticking to whatever point he was trying to get across.

Francis, 72, died on March 2 after being hospitalized for weeks battling the COVID-19 virus.

He was laid to rest on Saturday, March 6, during a short funeral service at the St. John’s Public Cemetery which was attended by family, friends, and a few members of the Antigua and Barbuda Bar Association.   

As a nod to his passion for racing, three jockeys rode horses ahead of the hearse while a public-address system replayed a race in session. 

Meanwhile, fellow golfers formed a guard of honour, lining the roadway outside the cemetery and lifting their clubs aloft as the hearse carrying Francis’ body made its way inside. 

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