Prime Minister Gaston Browne has launched another attack on returning nationals, blaming them squarely for the exponential increase in new coronavirus infections and deaths.

During the usual Saturday outing on his affiliated radio station, Browne said the biggest risk of community spready is returning nationals.

Browne says a lot of people returned to the country with negative COVID-19 results and some were asymptomatic; so “they took the position that they did not have COVID,” he claimed.

Calling some of the actions irresponsible and sheer ignorance, Browne referred to a situation in which a national came home for a funeral and was exposed to the virus through a woman who had tested positive.

Browne says the man knew he had been exposed but still took part in the funeral.  And upon his return to the United States he tested positive, Browne claims.

He says, further, that there was spread at that funeral which ultimately resultedin the death of a woman.

The prime minister asserts that his disclosures are not intended to hurt or shame anyone; rather, he says, the Government is seeking to emphasize the risks posed to the local population “so that people can avoid making those mistakes.”

Browne says that weddings, too, have been sources of infections, and claims that seven people who attended a particular ceremony tested positive for the virus.  

Calling on people to be more responsible, Browne says that citizenship does not give anyone the right to return home and violate the protocols and regulations the Government has put in place.

This latest accusation has prompted angry and accusatory remarks from online new readers.  Most of them pointed the finger right back at the Prime Minister, claiming that while he is quick to blame nationals, tourists who are not tested nor quarantined are free to roam the country at will.

They accuse Browne of being a “clown leader” and of shirking his responsibility for the increase in infections, pointing out that he has kept the country’s borders open for the sake of the tourist dollar.

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