Poor sports facilities, no community centre, bad roads and lighting: Browne says Sir Robin has failed St. Phillip’s North

St. Phillip’s North is in need of recreation facilities for both the young and the elderly, says Alex Browne, and he chides MP Sir Robin Yearwood for failing the people.

Browne, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for that constituency, says there is no community centre and no proper basketball or netball courts for the young people to utilize.

And in areas where there might be a ball court, he adds, there are no bathroom facilities, which results in persons having to relieve themselves in the nearby bushes.

Browne also laments the fact that St. Phillip’s North’s elderly residents have been neglected and forgotten by the parliamentary representative.

The UPP Candidate says the state of the constituency is an indictment against Sir Robin, who has been the Member of Parliament for over 40 years.

He describes the constituency’s roads as horrendous, and he recalls almost falling on at least three occasions while campaigning in Glanvilles.  The other communities, including Carty’s Hill, do not have paved roads, either, he says.

Browne also complains about the shortage of streetlights in the constituency.