Lewis asks Browne how Andron knew WIOC property was up for sale and whether Maria influenced the decision

MP Richard Lewis says the “deal” in which the prime minister’s son
acquired a property that was owned by the West Indies Oil Company
(WIOC)⁠ reeks of nepotism, and he advises Gaston Browne to
research the meaning of the word.

On behalf of the tax-paying public, the Rural West MP is asking
Browne how his son – Gaston Andron Browne – knew the property
was up for sale and whether that information had been shared with
the public.

Lewis is also asking why the Government agreed to rent the
property from Browne’s son without disclosure to the general
public – and whether the rental went out to tender before being
awarded to his namesake.

Lewis is also curious to find out whether the prime minister’s wife,
Maria Browne – alleged to be a director of WIOC – influenced the
rental decision, since the government offices housed in the property
fall within her ministerial portfolio.

As the MP seeks to find out whether the Government spent a fair
amount on the extensive repairs to Andron’s building, he is
challenging the prime minister’s claim that what the Administration
would ordinarily have paid in rent exceeds what the Ministry of
Works spent on the renovation.

To date, Browne has been unable to give even an estimate of the cost
to tax-payers.

The United Progressive Party MP says, “Government resources must
be spent in a responsible and accountable way, especially by an
administration that is raising taxes left and right and centre.”

According to Lewis, the sad thing is that Prime Minister Browne
appears not to see any conflict with the rental agreement between
his son and the Government. 

However, others believe otherwise – given that Browne lied in
Parliament during the February 22 sitting, claiming that Andron was
part of “an investment group” that owns the Friars Hill Road

Research undertaken by Lewis has proven that Andron is the sole
owner-director of the company known as IF Antigua Ltd.

Since Lewis posed his questions to Browne on social media, the
prime minister has responded with several personal attacks, and the
Opposition MP notes the head of government is unable to handle
pressure well.

This is not a good trait for a leader, Lewis says. However, he will
continue to press Browne for answers in the public interest, and he

tells him to stop running away from transparency and