Man accused of kidnapping and beating his child’s mother granted bail, but will face High Court on first charge next year

A 43-year-old man accused of kidnapping and beating the mother of his child was recently granted bail in the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court.
Reports say his attorney, Wendel Robinson, pleaded extensively with the court to grant him bail, and the prosecution did not object since it was the man’s first offence.
However, Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh was very skeptical about releasing him. Therefore, ahead of her decision, she conferred with the alleged victim, asking whether she was afraid of the man and was comfortable with bail being granted.
The woman appeared for the bail hearing with an eye that was swollen shut as a result of being struck in the face. However, she said she was not afraid of her child’s father and was not concerned that he the offense would be repeated since she would not be alone.
Therefore, Walsh granted the accused bail in the sum of $5,000, with a cash deposit of $1,500 and one surety.
The man has to report to the Grays Farm Police Station three days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Saturday – and an order was made to surrender his passport to the Court.

In addition, he was instructed, in no uncertain terms, to stay away from the victim and to have no contact with her directly or indirectly before the matter is completed. He was further warned not to call her on the phone or send her any text or Whatsapp messages.
If he breaches any of the bail conditions – in particular, interfering with his ex-girlfriend – his bail will be revoked and he will be placed on remand.
The man faces four charges – three separate counts of battery and a kidnapping charge that is indictable and has to be tried in the High Court before a judge and jury.
It is alleged that the man took the woman against her will by forcing her into his car and drove to several locations, where he allegedly beat her. The woman had to seek medical attention as a result of the ordeal.
Committal proceedings are set for the New Year.