Anglican Dean says most Christians are adopting an open- minded attitude to plans for redevelopment at Dunbars  

Ahead of a third picket action against the Dunbars decision on
Wednesday, January 17, a local clergyman says that many religious
leaders might not be aware of the Government’s other plans, and
that could be the reason they are not speaking out.
Reverend Dwayne Cassius, dean of the St. John’s Cathedral, says that
he, personally, is unaware of the Browne Administration’s plans for
the relocation of the agricultural and research station and for the
area’s development.
He says there could well be other plans that have not yet been
revealed – or there might not be – but he cannot say for certain.

However, despite the church official’s stated lack of knowledge, the
Government’s intention has been made clear: Based on a Cabinet
decision, the area will be transformed into a housing development,
and plans are reportedly being made to move the workers to
In the meantime, Reverend Cassius admits that the Dunbars
situation does raise some concern for members of the community as
it pertains to food security.

The reverend does not believe that Christians are being diplomatic
in voicing concerns about the Dunbars issue. Rather, he believes that
many are keeping an open mind and waiting to see what else is to be
done before expressing an opinion on the matter.  
Cassius says the question that should be asked is “what is the

He suggests that it is the manner in which the Government went
about its approach to the redevelopment – without consultation or
informing the workers – that appears to be of concern to many.

Reverend Dwayne Cassius, Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the