Another house fire guts interior of abandoned building on lower Newgate Street

Yet another fire in an abandoned building has been recorded.

A report was made by an anonymous caller to 911, who told the
emergency operator that there was a house on fire on lower
Newgate Street. 

Accordingly, firefighters from the St. John’s and All Saints Fire
Stations were deployed to the scene to battle the inferno.
On arrival, they met smoke and flames coming from inside the 57’ x
42’ concrete structure.  

However, their efforts to prevent the fire from gutting the interior
proved futile, and everything inside was completely destroyed by
the blaze; the exterior of the building remained intact. 

This incident reportedly occurred at about 5:23 p.m. on January 10. 
Reports say there had been no electricity attached to the building.  
And while several persons at the scene were interviewed, no one
had seen how the fire began or who started it. 

The structure reportedly had been owned by Albertine Edwards, a
resident of lower Newgate Street who had died 20 years ago. 
Further reports say the house had since been abandoned, but was in
the care of a Hodges Bay man.

It was unoccupied at the time of the fire and not insured.