Business place gypped by man who paid for items with ‘rubber’ cheques and disappeared

A businessman is being investigated for a reported fraud at a
company with which he spent over $14,000 on the purchase of
On September 19, the manager of Lingies Lights and Windows made
a report to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

He alleged that the owner of another business had written two ACB
Caribbean company cheques in the amounts of $5,225 and
$9,120.01 as payment for a number of items.

It appears that the Hispanic businessman issued the cheques on two
separate occasions, with the knowledge that his account did not
have sufficient funds to cover the amounts.
The Police have since carried out a search for the alleged offender,
but without success.
Inquiries into the offence, which reportedly occurred between
August 29 and September 6, are expected to continue.