PM Browne should be removed from office on account of alleged migrant-smuggling tragedy and US interest in affair

Prime Minister Gaston Browne should be removed from public office over the Antigua Airways/alleged migrant-smuggling tragedy, says St. Kitts attorney Dwyer Astaphan – especially given the loss of 17 West Africans who are presumed to have died in a boating accident.

Astaphan is of the opinion that Browne is not fit to be the head of Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

Astaphan, a former minister in the St. Kitts and Nevis government, says the United States is bound to have an interest in the matter, since the Africans allegedly were seeking to enter one of its Caribbean territories illegally.

Meanwhile, it is reported that two Cameroonians were sent back here from the Dominican Republic on Saturday, April 15.  There are also other unconfirmed reports that Africans attempting to enter Grenada were stopped at that airport and placed on a flight back to Antigua this week.

Despite the tragedy involving their countrymen and claims that about 60 percent of the West Africans wish to remain in Antigua, it is widely known that many are still trying to leave the country.