Ministry of Health reminds Clare Hall Clinic patients of the alternative locations for care

The Ministry of Health and Wellness is reminding the public that
clinical services usually offered at the Clare Hall Health Centre are
not currently available, as extensive upgrades are being made to the

Services were temporarily relocated on Monday, July 3, to several
other health centres across the island.

Its Antenatal Clinic now takes place at the Pigotts Clinic on
Mondays, while the Postnatal and Neonatal Clinics are held there on
Tuesdays, but by appointment only.

Also on Tuesday are the Family Planning Clinic; the Registration of
Infants; and the Hypertension and Diabetic Clinics.

The Nutritionist will see appointments and the Psychiatric Clinic
will be held every second Thursday.

The District Medical Officer will see children up to 16 years and
patients aged 60 and over on Fridays.

Meanwhile, at the Villa Polyclinic, the Child Health Clinic is held
every first  Wednesday and fourth Thursday, while the Nephrology
Clinic, with Dr. Cox, is held on Fridays.

Finally, for those seeking Wound Care (or dressing services) or
regular doctor visits, these are offered Monday to Friday at the
Potters Clinic.

The Ministry continues to apologize for any inconvenience the
closure of the Clare Hall Centre may be causing, and assures the
public that the issues will be rectified soonest.
In the meantime, several other clinics across the island are faced
with similar issues, and persons in those areas are also receiving
healthcare services outside the community.