Audience members chide MP Nicholas for ‘rude and out of order’ response to journalist asking about PM’s absence

Information Minister Melford Nicholas is being criticized for seeking to insult a member of the media today, March 30, during a press conference to address the March 28 boating tragedy in which a number of West Africans lost their lives.

During the question-and-answer segment, an Observer Media Group journalist asked why neither Prime Minister Gaston Browne nor Attorney-General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, the minister of national security, was present.   

In justifying their absence, Nicholas told the media professional that his question was “redundant,” prompting persons watching the event to say the minister was rather rude.

Nicholas added that the press conference was a part of the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing and that he was capable of answering any questions posed.

Several residents tell REAL News that Nicholas was “rude and out of order” to respond in that manner, when the journalist was only asking the question on everybody’s mind.

“He needs to stop shielding the wrongdoers,” one woman says, “and let them be accountable for their own actions.  Every tub haffu sit pan it own bottom and every man haffu stand on he own two feet,” she concludes.