Another two-year extension for Fire Chief dashes their hopes of promotion, senior officers lament

Senior officers in the Fire Department are reportedly “angry” that their Chief has received a two-year extension – the second — of his tenure.

It was recently announced that Fire Chief Elvis Weaver had been asked to postpone his retirement for another two years, and reports say the nearly 62-year-old has accepted.

However, the news was not welcomed by all ranks. “I am just going through the motions and waiting for time to come to go,” a senior officer is reported to have responded.

But another one, deeply disappointed, says, “I just want to retire now.”

The senior officers view Weaver’s extension as a blow to the hopes of those who had ambitions of succeeding him. There will be no promotion within the Fire Service for another couple of years, they complain.

Two years ago, the Legal authorities asked Weaver to stay on, specifically to assist with legislation and procedures for separating the regular Police Service from the Fire Department. 

However, to date, the officers say the separation has not been effected and they claim nothing has been done to advance that work.

Weaver, who originally trained as a regular police officer, reportedly has been in the service for 42 years.  This latest extension will make him the Force’s longest-serving officer ever.