Following injury to cyclist, Watts chides Works Ministry over dangerous road excavations

Algernon “Serpent” Watts is calling on the Ministry of Works to properly secure the excavations being undertaken on the major roads, in particular the Sir Sidney Walling Highway.

Making specific reference to an incident in which a young cyclist was injured, Watts says the persons executing the roadworks need to be very serious about what they are doing.

Reports are that the youth, who is believed to be in his early teens, received several cuts about the body.

Watts says the location of such excavations ought to be properly highlighted in order to prevent mishaps. In this instance, he says, there were spikes protruding from the hole which could have created a more serious outcome.

Watts says this is unacceptable in 2022, and he urges the boy’s parents to initiate legal action against the Government.

Prior to this incident, videos and photos went into circulation showing a vehicle that had landed inside a huge hole in the vicinity of Charlie’s Service Station.

Proper procedures dictate that holes dug on roadways are at least cordoned off by tape or traffic cones, so that motorists are aware of the danger.