Critical steps omitted, so hurry-done election work on St. Mary’s roads will not stand up, Pringle tells the Government

The United Progressive Party (UPP) says the Government should
stop its hurry-done election job on the roadways in St. Mary’s South,
since it is wasting the country’s resources.

Reports are that several roads are being paved ahead of the
upcoming by-election. However, Jamale Pringle, the political leader
of the UPP, says the job is not being done properly.
Pringle says the customary process for road repair is not being
followed, as certain steps are being omitted.
Accordingly, he says this will prove to be a wasted effort – as, with a
shower of rain, the asphalt will be washed away, resulting in the
roads reverting to the same or a worse-off state.
Pringle charges that the contractors are not even taking the time to
undertake proper drainage work to prevent water settling on the
roadways and slowly eroding the surface.