Former senior cop says ‘intelligence’ on the source of illegal firearms is essential in the fight to remove them

Calls are being made by the public, the United Progressive Party
(UPP), and other stakeholders for serious action to be taken by the
Government – and, by extension, the Police – to tackle the increase
in crime, in general, and gun violence in particular.
All agree that crime is not a partisan issue.
At the same time, a former senior officer is commending the Police
for taking so many firearms off the street.

However, he does not agree with the suggestion that increasing
penalties will serve to remove even more guns, and it will not be a
deterrent either, he says.
What is needed, the former cop suggests, is increased intelligence on
why there are so many firearms on the street and where they are
coming from.
According to the ex-lawman, the Police will not be able to increase
the detection and confiscation of these illegal weapons – before they
are used – if they do not work with the relevant entities and even
private individuals to obtain certain intelligence.