Former PM Spencer endorses UPP’s Redeem Team as the answer to the country’s crisis and calls for removal of ALP

Dr. Baldwin Spencer – the former Prime Minister and Past Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) – joined a chorus of UPP Candidates on Thursday night, November 17, calling for the removal of the Antigua Labour Party Government.
Spencer was speaking at the Party’s “Relief and Recovery Rally,” staged at Thwaites Corner, at which members of the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) also joined the call.
Spencer said the people of Antigua and Barbuda deserve much better than they are receiving from the Browne Administration. Accordingly, he says, it would be in their best interest to redeem, and rescue the country and embark upon a serious recovery programme led by the UPP.
The former Prime Minister adds that, going forward, it should be everyone’s pledge to put country above party.
Spencer again endorsed the UPP’s 16 Candidates – known as “The Redeem Team” – saying he is satisfied that the Party is the answer to the country’s economic crisis, and he reiterated that the UPP is committed to its “People First” philosophy.    
Meanwhile, Dr. Spencer promised he will continue to work with the Party to bring about meaningful change in the country, and he appealed to all the Candidates and Party supporters to ready themselves for the day of the election.

In this regard, he spoke about the importance of mobilizing early and being organized.