DNA’s St. Mary’s South candidate, Andrew Antonio, makes his exit from the orange party

After having contested the October 24 by-election in St. Mary’s
South, Andrew Antonio has called it quits from the Democratic
National Alliance (DNA).
Antonio joins a slew of other candidates who have recently left the
“orange party” headed by attorney Joanne Massiah.
In a letter dated November 9 and addressed to Marjorie Parchment,
deputy secretary general of the DNA, Antonio says his resignation is
with immediate effect.

He, like several of his former colleagues, says his decision was a
difficult one to make, but he “firmly believe(s) it is the most
appropriate course of action at this juncture.”
While saying that he intends to reflect on the lessons learned while
with the political organization, and carry them into any future
undertakings, Antonio does not indicate what his plans are.
The DNA candidate could not muster a dozen votes in the nationally
significant by-election, which was convincingly won by the United
Progressive Party’s Kelvin Simon.
Last week, another orange member, Mario Thomas, tendered his
resignation from the party.