Man implicated in stabbing tells court he has mental issues; source says he made attempts to see CM Walsh earlier that day

A man allegedly involved in last week’s stabbing incident in Heritage
Quay – which landed the victim in the hospital – has been remanded
to His Majesty’s Prison. 

On Monday, Kenroy Paige, 31, of Cashew Hill, appeared in the St.
John’s Magistrates’ Court before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh, who
denied him bail.

Paige told the court that he has a mental problem, and a source
confirms that he appears to be unstable.

Reportedly, on the day of the incident, June 21, the source says that
Paige had gone to the Magistrates Court and requested an audience
with Chief Magistrate Walsh.

When asked why he wanted to see her, Paige answered for
“personal business.” Accordingly, the source says, the police officers
chased him away.

Reports allege that Paige stabbed a young man – whom he does not
even know – standing behind him and thrusting a knife into the
victim’s side.

The incident was captured in photographs and on video, in which
Paige is seen, standing in the middle of the street and holding a
white-handled knife. 

It is alleged also that – after committing the act – he licked the
victim’s blood from the knife.

Apparently, the Police recovered two knives at the scene.