‘Shugy’ says PM Browne’s aggression toward him stems from his rejection of ALP’s money and offer to make him a senator

Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, the United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate
for St. Mary’s South, has revealed that Prime Minister Gaston
Browne is coming after him in an aggressive manner because he
rejected the Antigua Labour Party’s (ALP) overtures and refused its

Simon says that Browne is attacking him because he refused to
accept his many other offers, including to be made an ALP senator.

Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, UPP candidate for St. Mary’s South.  
Prime Minister Browne has declared that Simon will be removed
from the House of Representatives – whether by the High Court or a
by-election in the constituency.

Accordingly, Browne has been using his affiliated radio station to
attack Simon, and – as recently as this past weekend – he asked
what makes the UPP candidate so confident that he is poised to win
the St. Mary’s South seat a second time.

He compared Simon’s achievements in the constituency and said the
Antigua Labour Party candidate, Samantha Marshall, has more to
show. And he says that, even if Simon is elected, he can get nothing
done, since he is not in government.

Residents tell REAL News these statements remind them of PM
Browne’s promise – delivered in Parliament – to “punish” those
constituencies that had voted against his party in the January 18
General Election.

Browne said, earlier this year, that they would have to wait until
Labour Party seats had been satisfied before they received any
government services.

Meanwhile, Simon is reminding the people of St. Mary’s South that in
this fight they have to remain courageous, motivated and
vigilant, since the opponents will be attempting to provide them
everything – but only until they regain power.