Quinn-Williams hands over health aids – wheelchair and blood pressure monitor – to Cedar Grove Clinic and Creche

The Cedar Grove Clinic and Creche was the recipient of two pieces of
equipment, thanks to the thoughtful donation of Pearl Quinn-
Williams, the United Progressive Party caretaker for St. John’s Rural

On Monday, June 26, during a short ceremony, Quinn-Williams
handed over a wheelchair and a blood pressure monitor to nurses at
the facility.

The UPP candidate says it was a pleasure to donate these items, and
she hopes they will be put to good use in offering efficient services
to those requiring care.

She says the blood pressure monitor was the gift of a kind
constituent, while the wheelchair was assigned to her by the
Diaspora Progressives, a group of Antiguans and Barbudans residing
in the United States.

In thanking the UPP caretaker for the donation, the nurses extended
appreciation on behalf of the Cedar Grove community and the clin
They assured her that the items will greatly assist and will go a long
way in ensuring that they can offer proper health care.