Service-station security guard forced to pull his weapon after he is menaced by driver of suspicious-looking Vitz

An officer with Special Security Services was almost made a victim
of a knife attack by an unknown man.

Reports say the security guard, who is attached to the Everyday
Service Station, contacted the Criminal Investigations Department
and complained that a customer had been assaulted with a knife by
an unknown man. 

The offence reportedly occurred at about 9 p.m., a few days ago, at
the Independence Drive business.

Apparently the security guard had observed a silver Toyota Vitz
pulling up onto the service station compound in a suspicious

manner. Accordingly, he took a photo of the vehicle – which caused
the driver to exit the car, brandishing a switchblade knife. 
Further reports say the unknown man pointed the weapon at the
security guard and asked why he had taken a photo of the vehicle. 
The victim reportedly told the Police that he walked away from the
confrontation and the alleged offender began to follow him. 

At that point, the guard was then forced to draw his work-issued
firearm, which reportedly resulting in the alleged offender getting
back into his vehicle and driving off. 

A search was carried out for that person, but without success.