Frightened woman’s screams send two masked intruders running from her St. Johnston’s Village home

A Shirley Road, St. Johnston’s Village, woman is reporting that she
came face-to-face with two masked intruders in her home in the
late-night hours.

Reports say the woman was awakened by a loud sound, at about
10:45 p.m.., and opened her eyes to see two slimly built men
standing in her bedroom. 

Both perpetrators reportedly were wearing all-black clothing and
face masks. Apparently, the victim began to scream, and the intruders then
jumped out of an eastern push-up window. 

The woman immediately called 911, and the operator, in turn,
telephoned the Criminal Investigations Department and reported a
break-in in progress at the home.

Reports say that officers later visited the scene; and, on examination
of the premises, they saw where the intruders had used a hard
object and attempted to pry open several windows.

They were successful in opening an eastern bedroom window by
which they gained entry into the house.

Although the Police conducted a search for the intruders, they were
nowhere to be found; but the matter is under investigation.