Two residents complain to CID that they were gypped by purported vehicle importers; one alleged fraudster detained

Two incidents of alleged fraud – both involving monies accepted to
purchase vehicles – are being investigated by the Police.
One of the victims, a Buckleys man, reported to the Criminal
Investigations Department that, on January 20, on High Street, he
gave $9,000 in cash to a Mount Joy man for the purchase of a Toyota

However, up to the time of making the report, he had not received
the car, nor had his money been refunded.
The victim reportedly has a signed receipt, as evidence that the
funds were handed over to the man.

Meanwhile, a McKinnons woman also reported to the Criminal
Investigations Department that a Villa resident had taken her money
for the importation of a vehicle but has failed to deliver on the

It is alleged that she paid him the sum of $10,700, in two
installments, for the importation and purchase of a car – a 2011
Toyota Vitz RX.

However, up to the date and time of making the report to the police,
she had not received her car or her money back.

Reportedly, the payments were made on October 20, 2022, at the
man’s house in Villa, and on February 17 at the victim’s house in

The Police reportedly have received documentation from the
woman to substantiate her claim.

Reports say that officers conducted a search for the man and he was
found at a house in Cassada Gardens. He was detained and taken to
the Criminal Investigations Department for questioning.