St. Phillip’s North appears to be mosquito breeding ground, Browne says, and no eradication efforts are taking place

As cases of dengue fever continue to increase from the recent
unofficial count of 34, Alex Browne, the United Progressive Party
(UPP) caretaker for St. Phillip’s North, is concerned about
programmes to reduce or eradicate the mosquito population.
The month of October brought torrential rainfall from a tropical
storm and a hurricane, which left a number of communities flooded.
As a consequence, there are homes where water has settled beneath
the building and in the grass and created breeding grounds for
mosquitoes. Uncovered containers and the overflow from tanks and
drums are also creating an environment for the insects to multiply.
Browne says the St. Phillip’s North constituency needs to be given
some attention, as it appears to be a breeding ground for these
disease-carrying parasites, and he has not seen a fogging machine
for quite some time.

The UPP caretaker says that Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph
appears to be sleeping on the job and the healthcare system is falling

God forbid that the dengue situation could get worse, Browne
declares, and he urges that preemptive measures be taken by the
authorities now.

However, he agrees that residents have their part to play, as well.