Simon admonishes voters to make SMS by-election the beginning of the end of Browne and the ALP

Come October 24, the date announced for the by-election, the
constituents of St. Mary’s South will have an opportunity to set the
trend and keep Prime Minister Gaston Browne, the self professed
“top dog,” on a short leash, says Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, the United
Progressive Party (UPP) candidate.
While Simon acknowledges that this by-election will not
immediately remove the Browne Administration, he says it is an
important step in strengthening the national call for change that put
the Labour Party on notice.

Along with the pundits, the UPP has been saying that the St. Mary’s
South by-election could be the first in a series – or the lead-up to an
early General Election that will complete the unseating of the ALP.
And reiterating a statement made by the UPP’s public relations
officer, Damani Tabor, Simon says the ALP’s days are numbered,
thanks to the behaviour of its political leader, Prime Minister
In what is seen as a desperate bid to win the vacant parliamentary
seat left by Simon’s June 7 resignation, the Labour Party has
resorted to the giveaway of even bicycles as inducement for voters.
However, the UPP candidate is admonishing constituents not to “fall
for the hype and the pace at which things appear to be happening” in
the constituency recently.
Looking at things objectively, Simon says it is becoming apparent
that the Browne Administration has run out of solutions to the
issues plaguing the country, including poor water supply and the
high cost of living.

Therefore, since a government should be judged on its performance,
Simon admonishes voters to continue turning the tables on this
Administration in order to rescue the country.

Simon also reminds voters that it has been almost 10 years since
Browne and his party promised “More Jobs, More Investments and
Less Taxes.” Therefore, he says, they need to ask themselves
whether the ALP regime has kept its major election promises.
He says Browne will say anything to play on the people’s emotions.