Symister points to closeness of election timing, noting that period ahead of Nomination is a day short

Leon Chaku Symister, the United Progressive Party (UPP)
spokesperson on legal matters, is concerned about the closeness of
the processes that must follow the announcement of the by-election
date, Tuesday, October 24.
It is alleged that, in a communiqué to Governor-General Sir Rodney
Williams, Prime Minister Gaston Browne informed him of the by-
election day, as well as the date for issuing the Writ of Election in St.
Mary’s South – reportedly Tuesday, October 3 – with Nomination
Day said to be Monday, October 9.
Symister says the Browne Administration has cut it pretty close, and
it is interesting to note that the law specifies a seven-day period
after which, following the Writ of Elections, the Nomination Day
process must take place.
Based on the timeline reportedly outlined, Nomination Day is being
held six days after the Writ is issued, followed very closely by the
actual by-election, Symister notes, and cutting it very close to the
expiration of the mandatory 120 days.

He says it was inevitable that the prime minister would advise the
governor-general on these very important timelines; but it appears
that Browne wanted to run down the clock for the benefit of the
Labour Party’s candidate.

Nonetheless, he says, the UPP is ready for the by-election, since it
has been waiting for some time for the date to be announced.
And now that the polls are three weeks away, Symister declares that
the Party is even more confident that its candidate, Kelvin “Shugy”
Simon, will be back in the Lower House following the by-election.

Meanwhile, the Party spokesman says the UPP will be intensifying
its house-to-house campaigning; touching base with the
constituents; articulating the issues; and demonstrating to the
people of St. Mary’s South that Simon is the best choice and best
person to represent their interests and needs.
He adds that preparation for the by-election will continue in earnest,
ensuring that things are in place to bring out the voters to the
polling stations; getting the by-election day workers ready; and
having them familiarize themselves with the Register for Elections –
in addition to the various mobilization efforts already underway.