Sunday-night fire on Armstrong Road destroys dwelling house and all its contents

A house and its contents were destroyed by fire early Sunday
morning, October 1, and investigations into the incident continue.
Firefighters from the St. John’s Fire Station were called out to the
scene of the blaze on No. # 1 Armstrong Road, Grays Farm, at about
3:30 a.m., and notified the Grays Farm Police Station about the
Upon arrival, officers met a wooden house, measuring 42’ x32,’
engulfed in flames. They quickly went into action, using water from
the No. 15 Appliance.
Reports say the firemen fought valiantly to save the house and its
contents, but in the end everything was destroyed.
The occupants of the house, said to be two females, were not at
home at the time of the fire.

Reportedly, it was an 18-year-old neighbour who saw sparks coming
from inside the house at about 3:10 a.m., while she was walking
down Armstrong Road, and immediately called 911.
Fire officials say the house was not insured; but there was electricity
attached to it. The origin of the fire is currently unknown.