Young Yearwood indicates interest in succeeding his father in SPN, with critic saying ALP politicians are creating dynasties

Residents are wondering whether another by-election might be on
the horizon, since the son of a long-standing Antigua Labour Party
(ALP) politician is offering himself up for elective politics.

Robin Yearwood Jr., the son of Sir Robin Yearwood, has penned a
three-page letter to Fitzgerald Lewis, the chairman of the St. Phillip’s
North Constituency Branch, and formally registered his interest to
be the next constituency representative.

Sir Robin, who has held that seat for over four decades, was re-
elected by a slim margin in the January 18, 2023 General Election.
Since he has gone only seven months into his new term, questions
obviously are being asked about the early interest in his

Many believe Sir Robin will leave the political stage before his five-
year term expires. Thus, his son is bidding to replace him, claiming
his intention is to seamlessly serve the people of St. Phillip’s North
and to champion their cause.

Yearwood Jr. acknowledges that his father did not do so well in the
most recent poll and that the ALP was able to remain in office only
by a shoestring majority.

Accordingly, he is hoping that, with him throwing his hat into the
political ring, the outcome will be different in the next election.
Over the years, locals have joked that if Christopher Columbus were
to return to Antigua today he would easily recognize St. Phillip’s
North – since, they say, it looks the same as it did when this island
was discovered in the 15th century.

However, the budding politician says he has a number of plans for
the constituency, although he still resides in the United Kingdom.
Meanwhile, a woman is commenting that some ALP politicians like
to create family dynasties, and the St. Phillip’s North situation would
just be a swap of an older Yearwood for a younger.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne had indicated that a number of
hopefuls had expressed interest in becoming the candidate in that
constituency and the young Yearwood is one of them.