Harold Lovell is challenging Prime Minister Gaston Browne to repeat certain remarks he made about the Odebrecht Scandal outside the House of Parliament, where Browne does not have immunity from legal action.

While addressing a question on the Odebrecht issue that was raised by MP Jamale Pringle, during the May 25 sitting of the Lower House, the Prime Minister made a number of slanderous statements about Lovell.

In a press release put out by the United Progressive Party that same night, the Political Leader refutes the defamatory remarks and issues a challenge to Browne to repeat them outside the confines of Parliament.

When the Prime Minister was questioned by Pringle, he categorically denied that he or any of his Cabinet colleagues were mixed up in the matter.  He also denied that there was any investigation involving him or his colleagues in relation to the Odebrecht matter.

However, it was under Standing Order No. 12 that Browne chose to elaborate and went on a tirade, making claims that Lovell describes as not only patently untrue, but as vicious lies.

“That is why he has chosen to utter them – not via his weekly platform – but on the floor of the House of Representatives where he enjoys the privilege of immunity. That is what cowards do!” Lovell says.

He continues: “I challenge him – I dare him – to repeat those statements anywhere else in the public domain.  And if he cannot repeat them, that fact will confirm him to be a liar.”

Lovell and other residents have been calling for an investigation into the Odebrecht matter for some time now.

If the Prime Minister were interested in the truth, and in clearing up the cloud that hangs over this country on account of the Odebrecht Scandal, he would call a public inquiry, the Political Leader says.

Confident that he has nothing to hide and no fear of the outcome, Lovell again makes a call for an investigation to be held:  “Call the inquiry now!” he demands.

Meanwhile, the Party says it is standing firmly behind its Political Leader.  Its Executive echoes the call for an investigation and expresses its full confidence in Lovell’s vindication.

As a matter of law and journalistic policy, REAL News will not reproduce Browne’s allegations.

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