Do not be fooled by the pre-election gimmicks of the ALP, UPP leader cautions St. Mary’s South voters

Jamale Pringle, the political leader of the United Progressive Party
(UPP), is exhorting the people of St. Mary’s South to remain resolute
and not give in to the gimmicks now being peddled by the Antigua
Labour Party (ALP).

Residents claim the usual election giveaways have commenced, with
the distribution of food packages and, allegedly, of money.
Members of the ALP, including Prime Minister Gaston Browne, have
been out and about in the constituency endorsing their candidate,
UPP defector Dwayne George.
Last Thursday night, Pringle told a Bolans rally that the by-election
could be called at any time, and he cautioned voters not to be fooled
by the recent buzz of activity in the constituency, including much-
needed and overdue infrastructure work.
He says this is the usual smoke-and-mirrors strategy of the ALP:
trying to squeeze in some work before an election and then
dropping all work right after, which was evident with the
construction of the Cades Bay Bridge.
Pringle says that the Labour Party has never shown love for the
people of St. Mary’s South, but is now trying to hoodwink them in
order to gain an additional seat in the Lower House.
The UPP political leader advises constituents that, when members of
the ALP – including its newest candidate – make overtures to them
on the campaign trail, they should inquire about George’s sudden
change of heart, since, only weeks ago, he had endorsed UPP
candidate Kelvin “Shugy” Simon.
However, Pringle is confident that the constituents of St. Mary’s
South will be as unyielding as those in All Saints East and St. Luke
and will not allow the Labour Party’s trickery and inducements to
get the better of them.

He reminds them that not even one home was repaired or
constructed for a constituent under the HAPPI Programme. And yet,
he says, the ALP is boasting about its work in the southern
community – which has had to grapple with poor infrastructure and
an abandoned pineapple farm.
In endorsing Simon, Pringle says the former educator is the only
person worthy to represent the constituency. He notes that Simon
has demonstrated his worth already – even without the support of
the Government – and has many more plans in place for St. Mary’s
Pringle says this by-election is very serious and is not about who can
grandstand the most or spend the most money.