His Majesty’s Prison should be declared unfit to house even animals, Symister says in his call for a new facility

Attorney-at-law Leon Chaku Symister says that His Majesty’s Prison
should be condemned and a new penal facility built.
Symister bases his comments on the dilapidated and deplorable
conditions that have existed at the country’s penal facility for
Instead of getting better, the conditions seem to be worsening –
even as the Government makes small fixes at the facility, which,
Symister says, is not the answer. 

He says the construction of a new prison, as promised by Attorney-
General Steadroy “Cutie ” Benjamin, is long overdue.
Symister says that no human being should be subjected to the
conditions at the prison, which, in his opinion, should be declared
unfit to house even animals. 
And, he declares, if the prison is not good enough to house a British
sex offender, then it should not be utilized to house anyone else .

Before it lost office following its second term, Symister says, the
United Progressive Party already had a blueprint for a new prison,
recognizing the inhumane conditions of the current facility.
Financing was being sought, he says; but, unfortunately, the Party
lost the 2014 election.

Attorney-at-law Leon Chaku Symister.
Inmates at His Majesty’s Prison, in this modern day, are still using
pails for their bodily waste, which is then emptied into pit latrines
on the compound.