Mussington applauds Barbuda tour guide for legal action against development that threatens his livelihood

Barbuda Councilman John Mussington says the development at
Cedar Tree Point will significantly impact those who make a living in
the area, since a buffer zone forms part of the plan.
Henry Anderson, the founder of Abercorn Trust, reportedly is
constructing a luxury home in this area – which he had initially
indicated would be for members of the Royal Family.

The project is being challenged by Barbudan tour guide George
Jeffrey. Along with the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN), Jeffrey
has filed a lawsuit against the Development Control Authority (DCA)
for approving the construction in spite of warnings from the
Department of the Environment.
Mussington notes that Jeffrey and others who ply their trade in that
location may find their livelihood affected since the planned buffer
zone would restrict them from going within a certain distance of the
lagoon and the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, a popular attraction and
protected area. 

Mussington applauds Jeffrey for taking action to protect his
livelihood, and notes that it cannot be said that the tour guide has no
locus standi, or vested interest, in the case.

Further, according to the councilman, even without the judgment
from the Privy Council pertaining to his airport challenge, it cannot
be said that Jeffrey would not be affected by this development.

Councilman John Mussington.