Watts and Lewis agree that public healthcare appears to be in shambles and needs an urgent fix

The criticism of Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph and the
crumbling healthcare infrastructure continues, with two more

United Progressive Party parliamentarians decrying the state of
In several media outings last weekend, MP Algernon “Serpent”
Watts reported that a patient had been lying on the floor at the Sir
Lester Bird Medical Centre for two days.
In fact, videos in circulation show two men lying on the floor –
reportedly outside the hospital’s Emergency Room. One is shown
lying on his back with an IV tube attached to his arm while the other
is lying face down on the tile floor.
Watts also recounted a case in which a relative went to the hospital
complaining of a pain in the chest and died subsequently.
Reportedly, no autopsy is to be done since the body allegedly was
tested and found to be COVID-19 positive.
All in all, Watts says, the hospital appears to be in shambles.

Meanwhile, the St. George MP believes that the non-functioning
medical equipment and air-condition units can be repaired by local
technicians, rather than importing such services.
He notes that there is one man, in particular, who can fix many of the
issues at the hospital; however, Watts alleges that Sir Molwyn does
not want him on the job because this person is not a “yes man.”

MP Algernon “Serpent” Watts.

In the same vein, MP Richard Lewis says that public healthcare is in
a major crisis under the incompetent Gaston Browne
Lewis says, “Fear and anguish have gripped the nation, as people are
needlessly suffering and dying.”
He says that residents are crying out for help and need answers,
adding that an immediate fix is needed if the country is to avoid a
health catastrophe.  
In the meantime, Sir Molwyn found himself on a government-
aligned radio station, last weekend, and claimed that the AC units
had been fixed in the most critical areas of the hospital and that a
new central unit will be installed soon.